Weekly/monthly poll

Rodrik 6 years ago updated by Tenebrent Salven 3 years ago 5

My idea is that we have a weekly or monthly pole on each site, where users can vote on it then at the end of the week or month the results are show of what place each option came, and the percentage voted for them! It would be a fun interactive touch to WoP seeing what the community would vote for, This is an example below.

Many thanks for taking the time to read! :D

~ Rod 



Would appreciate  if more people would read this ideas <3 


I see no downside to this. It would be quite fun!


I actually think it would be awesome to see a random poll every now and again!


hello my dear,

I think the option to create polls/surveys on each WoP-Site is a lovely idea! Just think about all the possibilities: we could use this tool to create the polls for the awards of our eventteam, or the teacher could use it to ask the users if they like the classes they wrote. There are tons of ideas in my mind! I would really appreciate it, if this idea would be realised. I am sure, that a lot of people would find this very useful! So please folks, upvote this Idea!!!

It could be interesting. But on the other side, people can make polls and put them on their wall, so I am kind of in the middle on this. (may partly be because so many discords and fb pages do this)

Make it worth house points or galleons to participate and it would be better I think.