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I have a really cool idea for an app version of WoP, this app would include all of the basic things on WoP such as owls, chats, Etc. However there wold be mini games, like quidditch and wizard duels, for you to earn sickles as well as house points.

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Making something for Android or iPhone available in stores would be easy. Tehnically the same concept and you can have it to where it is free but you can also pay for VIP still. Or at least make it more mobile friendly. 


I don't see why this doesn't have more votes. I was just thinking about it again and it would just be so great. You could get notifications when you have an owl, a topic reply, someone has commented on one of your posts, and could choose for which you wish to receive notifications.

It would also be so much easier to access for users who would love to use it on their phone, but have a phone that is way too slow to use WoP in a browser. I'm one of those people. ;)

I would even pay to get this app, if that's what's needed to get it going. Though I think that in the end you'll profit more from making it free. But if you need people to help out financially, like with a kickstarter or even just purchasing the app in the app store, yeah, I'm up.

Honestly this made my day :')


This idea has been suggested several times already and if I'm not mistaken, you actually get XP for making homework, as well as grading it and talking in the chat and such :)


In my opinion the website is perfectly responsive for people to use on their phone, if you're having any technical problems with the website such as internet being slow. You won't find any difference in having an application, as it will requires just as much internet connection ;)


This idea has nothing to do with technical problems on the mobile site or the site in general, its purely an idea about accessibility as well as not having to open a browser and log in continuously, its all about accessibility and possibly other features.


It litterally brings me back to my post...


A mobile friendly WoP would be awesome! I really hate it to use WoP on my mobile phone, it kills my energy and is slow af. But I would keep it simple. No more functions, just the basics from the webversion.


well it's not bad on the website, but an app could maybe help us not getting logged out every time? ^^ So yeah this would be great


Can we get it in english?


"An application for mobile phones

That would be a good idea to make this project well known."

I guess this is the translation.

But I agree, the main language is English!



una aplicación de Android

Well it already has mobile function if you enter the site on phone or tablet so what should the app do different? Please answer in english, this is a feedbacksite for every World of sites, so not every one of us understands this language.

They aren't really replying to your post, but another that got merged <3


1.I find it easier to use an application than from Google, and millions of people do not know this RPG, if it were in Google Play millions of fans of Harry Potter can see and download it.


I don't believe it makes a difference, SoMe teams on every site does everything to tell the world about this.

That's this exact post...


I recommend you don't try to self promo here :)


yes. Thats a very good Idea. 

The link is to this post...


I think this is a really good idea of an app. Also dueling and Quidditch seems a bit complicated in the site manner. Also there could be many options for the graduated to enjoy wizarding World other than creating a new ID. 

many of the users here are also irl students so it is hard to buy a VIP. It will be great to have an app for your most loved site!


Hey there Lucy Fredre,

You seem to have a lot of ideas there! I would suggest posting each of those separately, as this post is only about an app for the sites.


This would be amazing! You can get notifitions for New iris massages or when you're homework is corrected. That would be easier!

If this gets accepted,
I suggest making it as a progressive web app, as it makes it usable/installable on
the web, on Android, on iOS, Linux, Microsoft Store alike!

An app is a bad idea if you want it specifically for making things easier, because it really isn't that much harder to open your most visited pages, or the search bar completes it for you there are also legal implications if a harry potter site become an app due to copyright claims, and international copyright laws. 

On the Other hand though, making an app would reach out to far more people that just those who happen upon it when browsing the web, and would bring more traffic to sites. 

A major downside would be the likelihood of either sites being shut down and moved to apps only (by the way, many minors don't decide what they get to download on their phones and laptops), or having them split, and you don't get the same experience anymore

eye4web is also a web design company, I would be curious to see them make an app, but I don't think it is a good idea in general.

Sure, it may never happen,  yes I know about the risks of legal implications, etc.

But why do you have to stomp all over my idea, that's all it is, an idea.

We aren't all stomping on your idea, we are all applying our ideas to yours. <3

Feedback works best when multiple people add their input, which is why each of these is in a forum , not a helpdesk ticket that nobody can see.


Also everyone saying that its been suggested already, yeah it was suggested, by me! 3 years ago! you're all linking this exact post in your comments.

When duplicates are merged with the original, all the comments from those duplicates come with, so they weren't replying to this topic, but another that got merged way back when, for example, the comments about using english instead of spanish ^-^

This is the best idea! Totally we should have an app and we can customize the notify sounds. Like it could be pop songs or any music you want. <3


I have noticed that the site does not look great on iPad or Phone. it's not very accessible. It would be great if a proper application was created for WoX sites OR if the interface was changed to actually allow it to look properly on mobile devices. 

I agree that we need World Of Mystic Falls to be mobile when it comes to the IPad, IPhone and Google Android. It’s annoying how I can chat on the laptop and desktop version of the World Of Mystic Falls game and NOT the IPad version, the IPhone version and the Google Android version. I have an 8th generation IPad and a fourth generation IPad. I use both for this website, I have the same issues for both IPad version.

By mobile, I mean mobile friendly.


Unfortunately this is not within our capacity to produce.

We will look into enhancing the layout on mobile devices.