Notification when a book comes out

Audrey Queen / Mavis Crawford 6 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 6 years ago 18

I used to be a librerian and when we finished a book and published it, we had to tell it on the chat that it was out so people could go and see it. So, I was wondering if we can put notifications when a book comes out, it would be easier and everyone, even people who aren't on the chat, could see it and go for it.

(sorry for the English, I'm French xD) 


This is a greeeeaaaaat idea ! That would be very easier for us ! I hope it will be vote ! 


this would be lovely! Great Idea!


This would make me consider the job again, I felt working for no purpose... Because no one saw my work unless they needed the info


Yes, sometimes we feel that but we're lucky that on WoP FR people love Lirarian's books and wait for them like an article ^^ But you're right, more people would notice and would know when a book is out if they don't read the chat or go often to Library to see if there is a new book


On the danish site it can be tough to see if there's a new book because there are many, so yeah.


That would be awesome ! I need that, i always miss new books ....


It's a great idea that just needs to be thoughtful, I never see the new books, and it's a shame for the great work they do.


that’s a greaaaaat idea ! I home we’ll have that soon !

Peace, abricot and cookies !


I approve! It's a great idea that will help us share our work more easily. Thank you for this proposal.


I'm totally agree with this idea ! I want to read the new books and I can't because I can't know when there is a new book in the library. So I sincerely hope that that will be put in the website. Good idea !


This is a wonderful idea and I'd love to see this get added!


On the EU site the new books are now showed on the homepage/on your wall.


And that is good for some sites, but I think there can be too many things pointed on the homepage. Therefore I like the opportunity to have it as a notification, it is more interesting for me to know about the books than the articles


I totally agreed with both of you. Plus, some people don't read the homepage but they read their notifications, that's why I think we have to put it but we can do both c:


Lovely idea, it would indeed make the Librarians feel like their work is more appreciated, and would allow users to get more easily informed of new amazing books that are being published <3