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Competitions too far apart make status uninteresting more than special. And requiring status competitions for a regularly made item like a carbonite thing in World of Galaxies or other items that have intensely specific uses turns people away from the site.

If statuses are hard to set up, then the answer may be in limiting statuses to certain things that make sense in the canon universe to be a status and not something that anyone could learn or buy, but you don't allow to try and force some level of special into it.

Personally, I would recommend making writing competitions for something that is actually a big deal. Like free VIP for a period of time or a free change that normally would require a purchase. 

Status is only for RP purposes and some are fairly limited even in that.

And status could be handled by a sufficiently qualified staff member that requires a well thought out reason for the character to have them if it is a normally available skill or item in canon, and can give out a certain amount if it is a title or something that is inherited at birth.

No one under the HM and MoM should get free age changing.

I can't edit the post, but even if it was only set up to where you could bring up homework that was punished or approved, that would still be more efficient and highly preferable to the way it is currently.

Just to clarify, since wands are the same on multiple sites from what I have seen I brought this up on this feedback. If it is something that needs to be brought up to the individual site. I can keep the approach to this there.

If this is something to bring up to the headmaster and Minister of Magic on an individual site, I can certainly do so. It is hard to tell what is run by each site and the overarching WoP management.

personally, I don’t think pets should be statuses.