Magical theory

Tenebrent Salven 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

A new class that discusses the theory behind basic things like how wands act and basic wand lore in the first year. (Because we all know Seamus might not have constantly been blowing his eyebrows off if he knew his wand wood and core needed a different approach).

And from there discusses how the magic they are learning applies to objects and enchantments until it culminated into the basics of alchemy for the last couple of years. (Because in reality alchemy is a massive subject and has plenty to offer from a basic school subject and a graduate class.) Make a Newt level magical theory requirement for wand making since in many ways wand making is like an advanced form of alchemy.

Then have a graduate class for advanced alchemy that requires the NEWT magical theory class. (We already have a potions and an advanced potions, so having a basic alchemy and an advanced alchemy makes sense.)

With this adjust the status of alchemist to something like alchemy master to signify that the person has reached something beyond the norm for those who study alchemy.


In regards to the graduate classes, all sites have different things, as they wanted to focus on different things. EU has Alchemy forexample.

If this is something to bring up to the headmaster and Minister of Magic on an individual site, I can certainly do so. It is hard to tell what is run by each site and the overarching WoP management.


Graduate classes are managed by the MoMs and HMs of each site individually. On many sites there are wandlore and alchemy classes for graduate people, so I'd suggest to direct your request to the leaders of your site again (: