Wands at Ollivanders

Tenebrent Salven 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

I put this in questions since I feel like it is more of a request for adjustment to something already made than a new idea or bug.

It would be nice to see the wands at Ollivanders adjusted to be more in line with wandlore. Some of the wands don’t make sense when the descriptions are compared to the canon qualities of what’s used (or don’t seem to account for the qualities of the substance used). Some wands wouldn’t be wands at all. Canon-wise, wands require a magical substance as a core. A peacock isn’t a magical creature and yet we have multiple of them. Which could easily have been an Occamy feather or some other magical substance.

Not that all are bad. Some do make sense. There are just a number that don’t.

I understand the desire for variety and that a lot of work goes into setting up the site, so some things can get overlooked. It would be nice to see the wands a little More in line with lore of the known wand materials and the qualities of the magical material used.

Just to clarify, since wands are the same on multiple sites from what I have seen I brought this up on this feedback. If it is something that needs to be brought up to the individual site. I can keep the approach to this there.