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I personally don't care for the idea. Most of the prefects on the sites I am on have adult alts, and honestly the management, teachers, and other staff usually monitor just fine if it was adult only.

You can always just have the classroom or hallways location say dungeons. But it might get more people involved in using the location if there was a place for it. Mixed on the idea.

It could be interesting. But on the other side, people can make polls and put them on their wall, so I am kind of in the middle on this. (may partly be because so many discords and fb pages do this)

Make it worth house points or galleons to participate and it would be better I think.

I would agree, but there are people who become ATs that might not pass the test.   Partly because people get caught up on having a name with color, but partly because some of those situations get a little subjective and the sites don't all have the same clarity in their guidelines. Which falls on the MoM/HM to fix.

I like the idea, but I would pair it with clearer guidelines on the grading, and a better handling of the punishment and approval system that is currently in place.

I think some have teachers and grad teachers listed separately. At least the site I am on does. Might be a MoM/HM thing.

Parseltongue is a language as a status, and there is inconsistency on whether it can be learned or not due to certain book and movie events among other canon aspects of it that don't add up to solely being hereditary.

Might as well add mermish as a status.

If it was a sort option where you could show it in order by year or have your current year first.    or maybe even just a button to jump to your earliest unfinished lesson, it would be handy.

This would be cool up to a point, but some of the things that should be in the classes are seen as not suitable to everyone by certain people. (Despite the fact that they are by official ratings for movies, books, and TV) Apparently triggering to certain management, so it would end up having to have a higher xxxxx rating or something.

You get galleons with 180 days of VIP, but yeah, a way outside of just grading homework and the riddles/anagrams would be nice.

A lot of the homework just gets copied and pasted feedback from people going for points and galleons.

That's what I noticed. They said green in the post. Which is the MoM and falls on the people who made them MoM in the first place.