Additional rights for prefects

Akkarin Graham 4 years ago updated by Tenebrent Salven 3 years ago 2

Hello everyone,

my prefects and I were discussing a problem about some of the areas. Some of the areas, such as "Elsewhere" are restricted for prefects, which are still students. They are all free after school, but they still must be controlled. 
Of course, they could create or have an adult character, but it's - so to say - inelegant, because it's not the prefect-character. Furthermore I don't like notion to oblige prefects to create an adult character, if they don't have one yet. 

So the idea is to connect additional rights to the job of the prefect. These rights should enable to enter the areas which are 8+ and read the plays. As soon as they quit or switch the job, the right will be disabled, when they are dismissed/ "redyed".

Akkarin Graham (formerly Raelyn Cummings)
Head of Prefects - WoP DE


This is a great idea! It should include the girls/boys dormitories, that way you can have prefects of the same gender in the same house without it being a problem. (and thus don't limit yourself as much when you hire) Of course, the prefects themselves shouldn't be allowed to actually make ig topics in these areas, and only use them for their job.

I personally don't care for the idea. Most of the prefects on the sites I am on have adult alts, and honestly the management, teachers, and other staff usually monitor just fine if it was adult only.