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This has happened to me on multiple sites.

I get this right in the middle of free meal times.


not to mention it’s like 6.99 if you want to be one that bad and be an adult IG. Not that hard to come up with.

Better yet, maybe make WoP like all the other WoX sites where you pick your starting age from a range of 11-18 or so instead of forcing the 11.

And ATs grade HW. Everybody at lvl 3 or above can grade in game. ATs tend to handle varied grades too. A lot of professors actually only grade disputes.

Don’t think I said make them unlimited. Just change the way they are done.

and the animagus thing is fixed with two simple things even if it wasn’t limited. Rules for how it’s used IG like how in canon your wand doesn’t turn with you. Not so appealing when you suddenly can’t have your wand at anytime. and be a creative writer. Having 1 animagus or 1,000 only becomes dull if you can’t write with a dash of creativity.

JK Rowling had as many or more as she did books and used them all over. People didn’t see them as overused because of how she did it.

hence the point of a qualified staff member who “trains” someone to be an animagus. Pretty straightforward.

Anyone can learn it. Literally anybody can be an animagus in canon. Pretty straightforward how that makes it a nonsensical status that exists as limited on WoP just to make it feel special.

actually it doesn’t unless a person was being pretty lazy in their attempt to judge.

you would think wouldn’t you. But the only thing said is 1x is suitable for everyone. Which as I said, should be anything that would be allowed in a PG-13 movie.

Found where things can be sorted by type. Maybe that could be included on the main page next to the status sort.

The only part that would be a limit is the quidditch competition idea. Any writing would be done in the language of the sites champion and would need to be put through a translator. (which can literally be done in google.)

Might be worth considering again, just toss out the quickfire quidditch idea, as that nullifies the reason given for the decline.

Especially considering the number of upvotes for the idea.

Some of the statuses like animagus already don't make sense as it is learned and successfully done by 15 year olds in canon. It is purely done because of users desire of it.   We don't need more nonsensical statuses made that way because of desirability on site.