Grading assignment feedback

Tenebrent Salven 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 2

I have had instances in a class where a grader claims I graded something and punishes it despite the grade only being off by one. Even their feedback says my own feedback on the assignment was completely accurate, but the grade should have been at least one lower.

I can't go any farther than "I stand by my opinion and grading" from them though because I have no way to look at the assignment and show why it should not have been punished. At the same time, even though it happened on two assignments, I don't want to go to the professor for something like that as well.

Personally, I believe an AT should prioritize giving an approved and feedback saying that they would recommend grading it one lower in the future. Especially when guidelines state to give a higher grade if you are unsure, and a grader should not be punished for that.

I would like to be able to see the actual homework that I graded already without having to try and hunt it down through the professor. It is extremely frustrating when a new AT claims you messed something up and you can't go back and see the assignment and where you could follow that advice in the future. It is also frustrating when you believe you remember the assignment graded, but cannot prove that you graded according to the guidelines, so are stuck with getting punished or having to go to the professor just to find out if it is actually a different assignment or if the AT is giving out punishment unfairly.

In summary, there should be a way to see assignments that you have graded so you can more accurately choose to contest or accept a punishment, or there should be no loss of galleons and points for a punished grade.

And instead should follow a warning where the AT can alert the professor and the professor can approach you if gradings are wildly off.


I can't edit the post, but even if it was only set up to where you could bring up homework that was punished or approved, that would still be more efficient and highly preferable to the way it is currently.


It will not be possible to see assignments even after grading is finished, since this would make it a lot easier for some people to copy homework from others or even use it as inspiration for their own homework.

It is not much work to go to the professor and explain the situation to them. In fact, it is better to go to a professor or even the HM with such a situation than to start arguing with the AT yourself, because there it will always be word against word, opinion against opinion, which will in most cases not lead to a satisfying solution.