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Oh right true haha. Maybe keep the anagrams the wave it is right now. XD

Just saw this before I was about to post the same thing. XD

But bumping this up since I definitely need this myself. I sometimes want to owl a Professor or an AT on incorrect gradings but I don't even have the dates so I don't know how relevant the grading is. So this would definitely be useful.

It's a glitch across WoP/WoX sites but I'm sure it's getting fixed soon!

Adding on to that, maybe it can be like Discord where it only shows maximum 3 people typing and if it exceeds that, it can be like "lots of people are typing" or something.

You can use it in roleplaying topics.

Hello Saffie!

I deeply apologize for looking at your post as a reference. I was only trying to refer to the benefits portion of your post as I loved how you worded some of the phrases that I couldn't have worded better since my English isn't the best. Aside from the benefits portion, everything else, however, is in my own words. ^ ~ ^ ❤

I would honestly love to credit you somewhere in my post. However, I'm unsure where the Edit button is... :O

You can mute a tab if you think it's too annoying. Or turn off the volume. 
The pings are just there to notify that a new user is here and so that people can welcome them and make them feel more comfortable.

Oh wow I thought this was my computer's problem of not registering the click at the bottom line of the owl.

Good to know and definitely should get this bug fixed.


I definitely know a lot of people would be interested in making this site become reality.

A couple of days ago, I did a mini count on how many of my friends on the WoP US site are Chinese speakers. According to my calculations, approximately 17% out of my 90 friends are Chinese speakers. Therefore, if there are 1550 active users on WoP US, then there will be around 264 users who are able to speak Chinese. Now, this is just an approximate calculation using ratios, so the actual number could be more or less. On the other hand, if one counts the users on WoP EU, UK, and all of the other different language sites, then there could be over 500 Chinese speakers.

There isn't a cooking class in WoP; therefore, would be unrealistic. However, you can make a Cooking Club.