~Ability to see who is typing in chat~

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Hello WoXers!

I think it would be nice to see who is typing in chat, just like on any other chat thingy. I think this could be an option if you wanted it or not and maybe it only worked on PC cuz Mobile might be a bit confusing. Knowing who is typing could make sure people don't step over each other in chat... lemme give a scenario.

If we could see who is typing:


Penelope Dawn-
a librarian spots this in chat and she is about to give Ronald a reminder. But then she notices that it says "Corey Sandberg" (a teacher) is typing and knows not to step in due to chat hierarchy.

Unlike now how:


Penelope Dawn: Hey there Ronald! Please watch the caps, the limit is 5 word ^-^

Corey Sandberg: Please remember that the caps limit is 5 words <3

Devin Gold: Watch the caps!

Forrest Lion: Caps! Make sure you don't go over the limit!

This can make users feel overwhelmed, so I'm just throwing this out as an idea!

Thanks :D



I like this! However there could definitely be issues. Things could get confusing if there are many people typing at once; where would the '___, ___, ___, ___, and ___ are typing' fit? It could make glitching more likely and the site slower. I just don't know how practical this would be?

What if it was only staff that this appeared for? And maybe only had grad staff or management come up? Like if ALL staff can see the 'such and such is typing' and it was only grad staff or management that came up? Since they're the ones that are usually top of the 'hierarchy' and should be the first to correct behaviour. Like I feel like this is only a helpful tool for staff and would be a good guide particularly for student staff. If something like this could be worked out in a practical way I think it could be beyond wonderful!!

Idk if any of this made sense hahaahah but there's my 2 pence

Yes. I see your point!


That's fair. However, if it were two people who were on the same level, like a librarian and a chronicle checker, I think, they wouldn't be able to see each other typing. So the user might still end up feeling overwhelmed. Maybe it could be like colors at the bottom that light up to signal what people are writing. So if a librarian didn't see anybody typing, then she could start. Then, if a higher-up did check chat, they would see that the situation is being dealt with and know that they wouldn't have to step in. But yeah, all users who are typing appearing might be a bit too chaotic and laggy. 

That is a good idea! 

Like this? Sorry its uncentered XD 

Yep. Like that. XD


Yes yes yes I love this! I don't think names are necessary; just the colours. That's absolutely perfect. Maybe make a new post for them to see just this? That way they won't have to scroll through comments hahaha

Adding on to that, maybe it can be like Discord where it only shows maximum 3 people typing and if it exceeds that, it can be like "lots of people are typing" or something.

I like Skyler's idea!!

It could also scroll through the bottom like that ^

That could work. If a lot of people were talking, it might take a while to scroll back to instructors. And if something happened in chat, you wouldn't be able to see if they're talking until it scrolled all the way through. That would give more time for someone higher on the hierarchy to see, but then you'd have to wait for another round of scrolling through to check again. I guess. I dunno. xD 


I really like this idea and what Sammy and Annwn/Carter are saying. This would be a really cool and very useful feature. 



This would be helpful

Also, so many WoOers XD