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Completed, but users can delete post from there wall if they would like too.

Not everyone even esteemed managers are perfect but I do like the idea.

I disagree with playing on house teams. Your character would be an adult after all. Wouldn't be fair to play against "kids" now would it?

From what I have seen when writing I commenting on feedback it must be in English.

Completed! Woooo!

I'm not against LGBTQ or anything else. I just don't like the idea because if we have events for this whats next? Cooking people would want cooking events, Dragon people Dragon events. Understand what I'm saying? An there maybe people out there who disagree with LGBTQ who may even leave the site because they don't like it or feel comfortable there.

Nice idea though.

It is already possible, and we now have the option to remove anything from our wall we deam inappropriate or offensive.

I agree with what your saying about the writer. If the leader of the library wish' s it they could change it it so that the author's name is added just like in Newspaper article's. It may not always work as the leader may want everyone to work on the book together as a team, it can still work just put Author: Library Team.

You do get feedback from homework. You can also submit complaints if you receive an unfair grade.

You can change the rank in clubs but changing the club in anyway is the job of the club leader. Having co-admins could cause confusion as they might Change things around that the leader wants to remain the same.