Hide Wall Posts

Agnes Dupont 6 years ago updated by Avel Z 6 years ago 8 1 duplicate

Users should be able to hide posts put on their walls. This way they control how it appears since it's their wall, but administration could still view them if there was an issue to be resolved

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Completed, but users can delete post from there wall if they would like too.

Isn't that already possible?

Yes, thats why I said completed.

People who aren't in the club can't see your topics.

I think they mean stop them showing on your wall?

Especially because in terms of Support Clubs the title might be triggering

I am not fully sure what these "Support Clubs" are, because I am not on a site where they are, but if it is what it sounds like, then I hope there are actual professionals in charge of them.

Else I don't see why they are even there.

Support Clubs are basically where people can rant and others support them

But yeah, I think the fact that they are just run by management is problematic but it is what it is