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I'm not sure which site you're on, but sometimes there are 'Beginners Guides' in the library, which can help you when you're getting set up. Beyond that, please feel free to always ask in chat! If you have a question about something in particular, or even if you just want to see if anyone is willing to owl, asking in chat is a great place to start. Also, like Valerie mentioned, the rules and guidelines are also in place to explain different elements of the site.

Anyone who is gold, lime green, red, bright blue, teal, or dark green on the site are all grad staff, and are there for people just like you joining the site! I know it can be difficult if you don't know anyone, but if you have any questions at any point, please feel free to reach out and ask them. I'm sure any of them would be glad to help

I don't actually have any pets because I can't remember to feed them, but just the idea of a pet being able to 'play with a ball' or something is really adorable. It would be a fun extra addition to petting pets/trying to make them happy

In your head, what would this planner look like?

I'm bias, but a pet snake would also be fun ;)

A further ability to turn off such pranks or fireworks for yourself if it slows down your computer might be nice, but I’m not sure how difficult it would be depending on how it’s coded. 

I could see some very troubling scenarios coming from this... In general, love potions are morally gray because they take away consent for the person ‘enchanted’. I know this is a playful suggestion, but it is something that I want to mention. I think the real danger of this feature, however, would come from the chaos it would cause. People could send a love potion to someone their character had a crush on that was already in a relationship to ‘break them up’, or a student user could attempt to send a potion to a graduated user, which would be strange for everyone involved. I love this idea in its surface, but I just foresee too much going wrong! 

I think this would be a wonderful idea, especially with how helpful it is to now be able to follow to topics. Sometimes the title sounds so cool, but you don't know exactly where you might be able to find the article :O 

Which site are you experiencing this on? Have you attempted to contact the MoM to see what the trouble is?

If it were an option, it could be interesting if each site could send suggestions to their MoMs, and they could choose what to have in, like the pet names. So we could add in new things, for example I think Mentor/Mentee could be a great edition for when students graduate and get to be paired with a mentor, but not all sites might want to use that. It would allow for flexibility and more options, but not enough that there is an endless list.

The thing with by levels is that, although it takes more time to spam the owlery to get to say, level 7, it has been done before. It would be interesting if being able to exchange galleons could be a result of some type of a quest, so maybe linked with getting a certain amount of galleons in the bank (which would mean they were actively working for the galleons they got), or posting in a topic a certain amount of times. Something that is a result of someone actually being active to the site, not being able to spam and get it, but also not just having an account open for a certain amount of time.

I do like the idea though! I understand the problem of people wanting to send all their money to one account, but if you can make it more of an achievement I think this would be a great addition to the site and to roleplay in general if people can give monetary gifts or exchange goods and services or something, especially with many sites going into Year 8 or beyond.