Library blocked

Even Lorance Oniel 6 years ago updated by Ontario Rogers Junior 6 years ago 5

I go to the library to use the computer every afternoon except Saturdays and it seems as if me and two other can't make an account and one time, I did make an account only to be blocked access and it said "no reason given". I am not the only one who spoke out abt this problem, people at my school who uses the library cant seem to access the site and I was wondering if the site is only available for certain states


I had this problem too. What they will say is that management knows what they're doing & you find some place else


Which site are you experiencing this on? Have you attempted to contact the MoM to see what the trouble is?

I think they only do that for spammers

You should mark this as bug, not idea...


I apologize that is happening to you.