Ability to 'Prank'

Casimir Prewitt 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 6

The fireworks for the New Year was a really amazing touch, and a lot of people are enjoying throwing fireworks around. It also shows us how much can be done on WoP!

For a long time, we've had pranksters on the sites, following in the Marauder and Fred and George's footsteps as they throw glitter, redecorate offices, and overall cause mayhem on the sites. And it can be a lot of fun! But what if one of the prank items we sell on the site actually worked? 

For example, what if when you gifted someone a dungbomb, there was actually a cloud of smoke? Or a firework similar to the ones we have now, whenever someone sends you a firework? Or even a new item, that was essentially a 'confetti/glitter bomb', and filled the screen with glitter?

These could be very temporary affects, and only trigger when you were in the gift area for a few seconds, so teachers and management who might need to do important work (and might be targeted more often by tricky students!) aren't bothered by it unless they specifically search out their gifts, but it could still be a fun surprise to both give and receive. I would also suggest that the 'working' prank items are more expensive to purchase, and have some amount of limits - For example, if 10 people send you a confetti-bomb in your gifts, only one of them will 'explode', so you wouldn't have to sit through 10 different versions of the same thing. 


This would be so cool! 


A further ability to turn off such pranks or fireworks for yourself if it slows down your computer might be nice, but I’m not sure how difficult it would be depending on how it’s coded. 


That is awesome


Ahem, if we want to expand on this pranking idea, may I be the first to suggest an addition? The peruvian instant darkness powder. What if it could be used to black out user screens for a few seconds similar to the fireworks but just darkness. Canary creams blast the sound of tweeting birds. A portable swamp generates the gif of an expanding swamp or marsh. These are just a few ideas.

I think this would be fun especiallly with friends :d