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Definitely bump! I want this to happen! 

I want this so bad! Especially since I plan on having all the pets eventually, this'll be a huge help! I see no draw back in this being part of the experience. I mean, IRL you feed all your pets at the same time right? I know I would. :)

YES PLEASE! I eventually want to have all pets available so this would be a huge help to me and everyone with multiple pets! Plus, it'll make sure all the cuddles are at the same time. 

What do you mean how? It'll be the same login achievement just not for days in a row but instead total logins. 

This was a good idea that went bad. I'm all for longer feedbacks but at the same time, having to now do 180 characters is hard because that's too long. And to have to do that for each individual one is very off putting and I haven't graded any homework since this update happened. They shouldn't have made it so long. I would've thought 50 characters instead. It's frustrating and not as fun anymore with the long length requirement. 

Okay, I was super excited about this, but it got completely ruined by the limitations added. Not only can I not buy back my pet because of the year requirement, I can't rename my toad because I'm not VIP or change the gender. I had a whole backstory and part of my profile that revolved around my pets, now it's useless because of the limitations. This was such a cool idea, now I'm just frustrated and sad.

It would bring more of a use to us buying clothes. Right now, I don't feel like buying any clothes because to me there's no point since no one sees or knows that I have them.

Or a description on how to get the achievement themselves. Most are self explanatory from there name but what about "stalker" achievement? Or the 'best friend?" I have no idea on how to get those achievements.

Yeah, there could be a separate part of the website that is just for your pets, probably as part of your profile page. You can name them, feed and play with them. Depending on their species, gives the amount of their reactions to things and all the things you buy for them are in that space as well, like the cat's bed. Or if you buy them a collar you can put them on.