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Ah yeah! This would be awesome if this could be fixed. I've noticed it on a few sites. It makes it impossible to put class requirements (like 3rd year of Royal Etiquette) before a graduate class (Dance, for example). ^^ Also gives Graduates the chance to do all the class years at once even if you would not allow them to. 

This would be amazing. We've been sending some of our users 'class packages' so they have all requirements to join the class. It would make it so much easier to send out if we could add it to a package ^^. 

Not all MoM's might want to have to do the extra work for such a basic feature. Special characters are part of certain names and I've always felt it rude to deny people their name, just because they are from a certain culture/country where these names are quite commonly used in names. ^^ Allowing it on sign-in will fix that issue. 

It is weird to just have the options for special characters locked behind a paywall. You are leaving out a group of people who's names actually include these characters. We are able to change names to something with a special character, so I don't see why there is not an option to do so on sign in. ^^ 

Then perhaps turn the dash off for the slug/special characters and have it like a regular name. é turns into e in the slug. Shouldn't be too problematic. As well as remove the dash and add the name together for the slug. ^^ 

This seems like a wonderful idea that can give mentors insight into what needs clearer explaining in their lessons as well as how many people are able to enroll in a certain year. ^^ 

These things depend on the site in question as well. Some sites have stricter rules than others regarding this. ^^ 

If you were able to do it yourself, it would be a lot easier for MoM's, along with this... it would be more inclusive. Certain languages just use these characters... and some surnames have dashes in them. It would be great if we would actually allow these names. ^^ 

As a MoM, I would agree that it's added a lot of unneeded work. My teams were functioning perfectly before this update came along. I would love for this to be tweaked. I get the idea of removing some features but the divide could have been optimized a bit more. 

I have noticed that the site does not look great on iPad or Phone. it's not very accessible. It would be great if a proper application was created for WoX sites OR if the interface was changed to actually allow it to look properly on mobile devices.