Lesson Bugs!!

Maxi Olympotens 3 years ago updated by Ariana 3 years ago 2

We would love the bug with requirements to be fixed because it's making it impossible to use graduate classes to its full potential... as well as making it impossible to demand a certain course can only have one exam done per year (graduate would be able to do all exams in one year, which means people don't need to stay around). It's a bug that's around on quite a few sites and has been around for more than a year on some sites.

Also I notice that sometimes {%FIRSTNAME%} breakd


Ah yeah! This would be awesome if this could be fixed. I've noticed it on a few sites. It makes it impossible to put class requirements (like 3rd year of Royal Etiquette) before a graduate class (Dance, for example). ^^ Also gives Graduates the chance to do all the class years at once even if you would not allow them to.