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okay, thank you for this information. I'm gonna do this in the future ^^

I'm not sure why the first picture isn't here ..

Here is the picture where the N is missing 

Image 459

And please for free! Sure, I dont like the themes, but I wouldnt give money to turn them off.

hey, what do you mine with that?

yes, please! I'm a League player aswell and I'm so glad I have VIP rn. The ads are so annoying at the pitch and I'm doing this for my house. Yes, I have fun at playing League but the ads are really annoying. Thats for bringing this up.

I would like to see if someone reads my rp ­čśů
whats wrong that students could see the title of an rpg.

i mean,the developers could write, that only adults can see the rpg names on the mauderes map

on my first acc Valentine is the only one i need. sad is, on two others accs he was one of the firsts Ive got

just read it know, but thanks for the info ^^ For the next time I know what to do ^^

May I ask for the reason why it got declined? 

I don't know how to delete this on phone or edit it :/