Nonbinary Gender Option

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I think this will be great, BUT I also think there has to be set some groundrules about this option, so an 11-year-old person not is in operation to change gender or something.

Again: I agree, but there have to be set some rules, so it's realistic too


well. It's not Transgender or anything like that. You can obviously do that with some real money. It is NONBINARY. You aren't changing gender through surgery at all. Nonbinary is not always trans. What nonbinary is is noncomforming to either of the two most prominent gender roles. Or even switching between them, feeling like both, or anything else that doesn't exclusively fit the male OR female gender roles.


I know I know, but my concerns are, that ppl will use it differently and go too far with what u can do in an early age. Some trans change more than one time in their life, so I just suggest getting some rules if the option comes. I think u have a great idea, but the rules just needs to follow ^^


Non-binary ISN'T transgender/transexual. Non-binary is non conforming to the 2 main genders of male and female. While you can "transition" in someway to a non-binary gender, not all non-binaries are trans.


I know, but I still believe ppl would use it that way, sorry but I have some doubts and that's why I think there shall be rules, IF they make the option... Or that u have to pay to get it, so ppl have to think first


This may be an old post but I'm trying to wrap my head around what your point was in regards to all of this. As a trans person who sometimes identifies as NB, I think this would a wonderful option for many people. Anyone at any age can regard themselves as trans or NB, it's up to them and no one else. Trans/NB =/= surgeries. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make saying "people will go to far with what you can at an early age" - because this is real life, medically speaking, and hormone blockers exist for both trans and NB folk.

Anyway, NB option would be VERY nice, even if it's just the option of "other" or filling it in themselves. There is a wide spectrum for others and I understand that "too much freedom" is always a risk but this is a site that is welcoming, and should remain as such to all. Believe me, I have a character that is trans on here but I have no reason to ask for it to become a listed gender.


This would be great!!


As a trans fella, my only opinion regarding "FtM" and "MtF" being listed as the gender is a little... eh. Those aren't genders, those are indications that someone is transitioning. I feel like "transman" or "transwoman" isn't a gender so much as someone feeling comfortable enough to reveal the fact that they are trans. Transgender folk like myself still prefer to be known as male, female, or non-binary, genderfluid, etc. "FtM/MtF" is more in regards to the actual transition.

But I'd be down from NB/x being a gender option.

Really? Oops... :'-)


May I ask for the reason why it got declined? 


Unfortunately, this wouldn't work, as all of the thousands of accounts created before this option wouldn't be able to have selected that for their account, whether the user wanted it or not. 
You can always state this in your profile text. :) ♥


So just... Let people change their gender one time for free?


This idea was suggested here and was declined: https://feedback.worldofpotter.eu/communities/1/topics/1277-nonbinary-gender-option

However, if a user's character identifies as transgender, non-binary, gender fluid, or another identity, they can state it in their profile text so others are aware.


Ok, why is there any option to choose between gender ? Why has my character to be assigned as male or female even if it is none of that? We can express that in the profile if the character is male or female. At the beginning of creating a character we are forced to choose male or female gender and that decides which dornitory we can enter. But I have no choice to choose the third gender, when I want to play a character that doesn‘t fit into male or female. That is not fair.


I know this is really old, but seeing as if I tried to create my own feedback post, it'd probably just get grouped together with all the others to be collectively ignored.

I don't really understand why this can't be considered as an option...gender is much more than simply "male and female." People clearly want this to be added and it would make WoP as well as WoX a more welcoming place. I'm, of course, not trying to start a fight or anything. I just want answers because it is super weird and confusing that this feature isn't being added in a year like 2018-2020. Especially seeing how many people were upvoting this. I know it can be stated in a PT or backstory, but when someone hovers over a profile, it will say what gender they chose at signing up for the site. People will then start referring to them with those pronouns without checking their PT/BS, which would inconvenience or possibly hurt the user.

(I typed way more than I initially wanted to, oops)


This topic is old and has been declined but I feel that it is important to say this. This topic should be reconsidered. Non-binary people exist, so why are WoX sites limiting characters to female or male? How hard would it be to add a third option where a user could describe their gender (like an other box)? Like Mel commented above, there are lots of people who don't check PTs or backstories before interacting with another user, meaning they are going to use the pronouns that fit the gender the user was forced to select. This can be extremely damaging to people. I don't think anybody would enjoy being referred to by the wrong name or pronouns. Also, it is absolutely realistic for an eleven year old to understand their gender. Anyone who says otherwise is lying. I adore the WoP community and we are all very accepting, but I wish that our registration reflected this. I'm certain that there are users out there who planned on joining but didn't because they were forced to pick from two genders that do not describe them at all. Once again, I believe this topic should be reconsidered to expand WoP's inclusivity. Everyone deserves a chance to experience the magic.


I agree that there should be a feature for this, but this post will probably be combined with other posts, because this has been suggested several times.

This is a very valid topic, and I agree, but it has already been denied several times with no real backing.


I am very saddened that this is still declined, however, many who choose to be non-binary (such as my character on WoMH - Quetzalxochitl Abascal) state in their PT that they choose not to identify as either male, or female. 

I believe what they are trying to do is decide "before you understood who you were, what did everyone see you as, from a newborn"

I hope this helps? <3


I am nonbinary and it sucks to have to come out to everyone you topic with. Not many people read your profile text before continuing to roleplay, so you have to come out and say, "hey actually I'm ___" I know this has been declined, but I want them to reconsider because the sites advertise a safe and inclusive space but aren't following through with that.


Of all the things to deny, this one feels the most out of touch.


Nice idea! I'm nonbinary too and I wondered why there isn't this option.

I really don't get why this was declined. Many non-binary people might think others are rude for assuming pronouns.

(It also kind of looks bad on WoP's part)

I think the main reason it was declined is more a technical reason, as users have been either or, and it would not give existing users the choice to change.

That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for clearing it up.


I think it's more a case of "this can't be done" than "we don't want this to be done". I'd be all for another gender option when signing up, but it would break certain aspects of the site like house dormitories D: right now, stating it in your Profile Text is about the best possible, sadly