Iggy 1 year ago updated by Gabriel Nightmare 1 year ago 2

I understand the ads, I'm just asking if we can PLEASE remove them from the playing pitch (for all users)?

Everyone in League games should have a fair chance, and unfortunately due to the pop up ads, this is not the case.

Just recently we had a major issue with this, even though our player was online and ready, the ads were messing up so the questions were not appearing. 

Luckily there was major sportsmanship from everyone, so we managed to improvise through it, but I fear it may mess up in the future too!!! Please, remove the ads from the playing pitch...at least if it's only for the games!!! 

Other than that, loving the site, thanks ❤️ 


yes, please! I'm a League player aswell and I'm so glad I have VIP rn. The ads are so annoying at the pitch and I'm doing this for my house. Yes, I have fun at playing League but the ads are really annoying. Thats for bringing this up.


We also got feedback that you can't play Quidditch anymore because of the ads.

The fields are displaced, you can't see questions properly, it loads very long.

You should already try to make Quidditch playable.