Why I can't see other in elsewhere Marauder's Map?

Someone_not_me 9 months ago updated by Carmen Devereux 9 months ago 3

Hello everyone,

recently I've noticed, that I and others can't see, when someone is on an RP in elsewhere. 

I stalked my RP-partner (we were in voice chat too) and they didnt had any tabs open only the RPG we're writing.

On Marauder's Map it's not displayed. Is there a reason or just a bug?

Sorry, if this question is dumb. And yes, I checked if someone else asked this already.

Have a nice day

It is because it has restricted access. Not all users are able to be there.

I would like to see if someone reads my rp 😅
whats wrong that students could see the title of an rpg.

i mean,the developers could write, that only adults can see the rpg names on the mauderes map

It uses the same system as the club topics, so they would definitely have to change a lot to make it visible, because club topics should definitely not be viewable on the map.