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I get the point that it needs work but then ppl should get something for using time keeping others pets happy, because right now it is the one having the pets that gets something but you can't keep your pets happy all alone

Either that or the possibility to buy the pets back

They are aware of it ^^

But from an automatic message you will never, and I mean never, know why... So that is just as painfull as not getting anything. If you have to get a rejection it has to be personal. So you know if it's because you need to go more in details, change how people see you on the site, if you have a reputation, if you have to get a rejection it has to be personal elsewhere the bandaid is still ripped of slowly.

As already said there is a library on the sites, not only WoP, but all of them, it is the orange people who has that job...

For the fiction idea I think it would be to much, because a lot of those kind of people already is on movellas... So yeah I think it should be as it is but you can apply to be a librarian with your ideas on the site your in.

That would be nice, I personaly just wanted a way to turn of the all tag, but this would be even better so you can mark when you actually want to be in the chat

Apply to be on the Plot team then :D

No it is much more fun if people use real life pictures of celebs,

You should mark this as bug, not idea...

You can just say it is there in some of the streets, everything doesn't have to have a place for itself.