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This would be a great idea. Most people have tons of money, but it's normally not in their pocket when they faint. I think that most people who faint either forget to eat or were inactive. It would be great to have it with me when I faint, so I can immediately go back to what I was doing and not wait around for an hour. However I think that you shouldn't be able to gift medicine because of obvious reasons.

I think if you want to get it cuddled in the kennel, you have to pay like not 2 galleons each day, because some pets won't get cuddled. I think every day you get your pets cuddled, it should be like 1 or 2 galleons more per day. 

well it’s not that hard to change you age on your backstory.

It’s pretty easy to figure out the top 50 point earners by just looking. This would be an uneccesary feature.

Yes, I totally agree with this. I have around 2000 obols in WoO, and whenever I faint, I don’t have any of them in ahmd, which is annoying because I clearly have enough money.

I agree. Sometimes I will go on a topic location and seee 10 pages of topics. But other times, I don’t see any topics.

what about limited 20 obols a day, level 10?