Make Medicine An Item

orliew, smew, rew & lew 6 years ago updated by Katherine Ellerby 6 years ago 1

So all of us have been there at some point: we're ready to go read that latest news post, reply to a topic or even take advantage of the free food when we're interupted with the news that we have fainted. If you happen to be a risky person and carry 200 galleons around with you everywhere you go, then you're safe from the disasterous fate of sitting in the Hospital Wing (or your fandom alternative <3) for a whole hour, and can frolic around freely in front of all of us fainted folk. But if you do happen to worry about dropping precious money all of the floors or don't want to pay $2 just to be free of an hour's doing nothing, then you're doomed. You think of your hundreds, thousands, hundred thousands of galleons stuck in the bank, and just wish they could be useful in some way. Which brings me onto My Proposition.

I propose the opportunity to buy medicine without having to keep the treatcherous amount of money stuffed into your pocket at all times - by making it an item avalible to buy in a shop (possibly the Apothecary) - it'd still cost you 200 galleons, but you'd have access to it before you faint and still encourages you to buy food instead of fainting because.....it's cheaper... 


This would be a great idea. Most people have tons of money, but it's normally not in their pocket when they faint. I think that most people who faint either forget to eat or were inactive. It would be great to have it with me when I faint, so I can immediately go back to what I was doing and not wait around for an hour. However I think that you shouldn't be able to gift medicine because of obvious reasons.