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Who would be writing these summaries?

This is a great idea! It should include the girls/boys dormitories, that way you can have prefects of the same gender in the same house without it being a problem. (and thus don't limit yourself as much when you hire) Of course, the prefects themselves shouldn't be allowed to actually make ig topics in these areas, and only use them for their job.

I agree with Val on this one. If you really wish to be a muggleborn slytherin, there is always the option to pay for it - making the combination rather special and rare. For those who have already paid for it, it would feel unfair if it was suddenly open to all. 

I like this achievement too! Great idea!

I think this is a great idea! The bank notif isn't important to me, but I would've loved for the pet notif to immediately bring me to my pets. Now it feels a bit unfinished and I have on several occasions clicked on it before I remember the notif itself does nothing. 

I like the new feature, but I agree the pings can be distracting. They would be better muted. 

I also agree that reaching certain level milestones increases the motivation to grade and do homework. Perhaps there could also be something at level 50? Because as of now, after level 10 nothing exciting happens - except the notification you get every time you advance. 

I think deleting accounts is a great idea as it would lighten the database. 

Maybe it could be an idea to have a one week deleting period where you would have the chance to undo your deletion. Like if you pressed the "delete account" button and "are you sure?" question, the clock would start ticking. You would not be able to use your account, much like if you've fainted, but there would be a button named "undo" or something like that.

Pros:  - a chance to regret or to undo if you've pressed wrong.

          - time to think so that you are absolutely sure you want to leave WoP :'(

Cons: it takes time.

I shouldn't be too hard implementing those changes. Regarding the Moody question, there could have been several different answers which were right: Mad Eye Moody, Mad Eye, Mad-Eye etc. I agree that sometimes it is difficult to understand exactly which of the answers you are looking for.

Also, maybe it could be changed so that it doesn't matter if you write in capital letters or not. It's really frustrating when I forget a capital letter and get the answer wrong :) The purpose of Peeves corner is to test our knowledge, and therefore I think it's unfair if you get the answer wrong just because of formalities.

(I don't know which programming language is used, but this implementation shouldn't be more than a line or two)