AT work notification

Kybjosh 7 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4 1 duplicate

when there are pieces of homework that come into a folder for the AT or teachers the people responsible keep a notification so that they can check it out and take care of it

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I understand your idea but a notification should not be necessary in my opinion. You should be checking the folder each day as part of your job as an AT and a notification is therefore redundant. Also, the notification would have to go to 3 people seeing as not all teachers have divided the folder between their ATs and many only have one. Good suggestion, but just not necessary. 


I think that this would actually be helpful. As an AT, I do understand that it is the ATs job to go online and check each day, but for those who's teachers do not assign tabs, they have to go through each individual tab to check each day. This is simple enough, but on a slower computer, it can be time consuming. It can also cause problems when an AT checks, sees no assignments, and is done for that day. If an assignment arrives, they may not check again and would have no idea until they check again. The assignments would get graded much quicker if they would get a notification of some sort as soon as the assignment arrives in one of the admin tabs.