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what the fuck is an obol?

headmaster would be "schoolhoofd" and HoH would be "afdelingshoofd"

it works for me

maybe a feed all aswell?

ì did and he didnt want to d anything about it, and as i have been told that even the staff dont know which answers will get you to which faction i do not think the primordial can do anything about it

i thought this was something server wide and the WoG site was behinf on that (even thought he other things are all implemented

while i like this idea it is very easy to solve, just custom a wandto use in topics and Profile Text and just buy a wand that works where neded

a very usefull site for custom building wands

but the colour already tells you what he is, and only for teachers, AT it differs what subject they teach but they are still teachers. and for management you have the same but most of the time (if you are active around the site) you will get to know who teaches what so i think this would be rather pointless


yaya is right, the VIP is given to the inactive people to lure them back with "extra options"  for a week and then it dissappears, this is smart in both the fact that people get back here (because they have the extra0 en hopefully stay after that has ended (so more users) and the fect that people experienced how awesome VIP was and in that regard they buy it which means more money

do you have any idea how much work it is to be a teacher?? or how much work it is to be an AT sometimes? and how much users there are on the site?? if those 1/2/3 people did that for all the hundreds if not thousands of active players they would get mad (and before you ask, yes, i am an AT and i was a teacher so i know what i am speaking of) further more, just because YOU think it should be changed doesnt mean that others do, this is the first suggestion i have seen so i dont understand " and i am sure many of us would like to see it changed" if you dont like the grading system, dont grade! that is how simple this works