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Probably cos it would crash the servers if we ended up unpacking like 100, 200 etc. What we really need is unpack 5 or 10 at a time, that way it would probably have less stress on the servers.

I agree :) more payment options can be a good thing :)

Well I've made a club for it anyway. Just hope it's ok.

Sometimes people might wanna go more in depth than just a backstory though :)

Signed in before finishing lol 

I think it would be great as we could learn more about other characters' past even if we can't participate in it

Well they could also add an option for users to turn friend requests and club invites on/off :)

YES YES YES YES a thousand times YES :D LOL

I agree with this as I myself have made a few typos and only realised after I've posted

You could put a Student's area for the world outside that they can only use during Christmas and Summer