New Topic Areas & The World Outside

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We'd love some more specific topic areas for more places to RP in and perhaps a shuffle with "The World Outside" topic area.

The World Outside

Under this tab we have two new areas.

The World Outside 

- The World Outside (All)

- The World Outside (Graduates only) - locked as the current area is


- Ministry of Magic

- Platform 9 3/4

Other New Topic Areas

Teacher Offices (In Hogwarts tab, Second Floor)

Classroom (In Hogwarts, Second Floor)

Shrieking Shack (In Hogsmeade)

Other optional ones ;)

Headmaster's Office

Minister of Magic Office

Heads of Houses Offices

Other suggestions I've already found being suggested that bear repeating so they don't get lost:

Forbidden Forest (In Hogwarts, Grounds)

Dungeons (In Hogwarts, The Crypt)

Gringotts (currently planned)

- submitted by the staff at WoP <3

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I agree with Min! Fantastic idea, I support this all the way! :D


agreed (dars victor here)


Addition that was in my draft but I somehow lost when posting here XD

Other New Topic Areas

Chief Editor Offices (In Diagon Alley)


First 3 new topic areas added :)

Teacher Offices (In Hogwarts tab, Second Floor)

Classroom (In Hogwarts, Second Floor)

Shrieking Shack (In Hogsmeade)


Still excited to see the Chief Editor offices, World Outside section open to all, and the Ministry of Magic ;);)

You could put a Student's area for the world outside that they can only use during Christmas and Summer