Allow solitary topics in The Past forum

Craig the cookie fairy 6 years ago updated by World of Potter 6 years ago 9

I think it would 


Signed in before finishing lol 

I think it would be great as we could learn more about other characters' past even if we can't participate in it


That's exactly what your backstory page is for, guys ;)


Exactly! The Past forum is to interact with other people, if you perhaps wanted to have a chance to look at their childhood with another person :D
I have a few relations with people, which would benefit greatly from having topics in the Past :D


Sometimes people might wanna go more in depth than just a backstory though :)


In what way does this go more in depth?
Topics are used for interaction between people and not just yourself, and you are not really allowed to use a lot of NPC in topics anyway, but you can do that in the backstory.


Yeah. Some people want their backstories to be a tl;dr version that does not consist out of many dozens of Role Plays, and most people cant use coding to clean that mess up either.


Well I've made a club for it anyway. Just hope it's ok.