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I agree with that, especially since the upgrade for Peeves question, where you either get five points for a right answer. That most times doesn't take more than five minutes, even if you have to look it up. Thus it seems quite out of scale to get the same amount of points for reading and commenting, let alone do homework.

Would be very useful. I agree!

I totally agree with that. Especially in event topics you may want to look something up, that was mentioned in the opening post, there it would be nice to have the possibility to go there directly or a general "jump to page x" button.

Looking forward to it! =) Hope the possibility to give them names is going to be added in that too.

WOuld be nice, even if i can't imagine what kind of problems you think of, actually.

I totally agree to that! There could just be added the year at the left top corner, where the week/month is stated. It would be nice to know the year and it may help to do the arithmancy homework accurately, where you need to know birthyears and so on.

I agree witz Kayte. Would be much unnecessary work for teachers/staff to list up every single passing student.

I think user could do that as private people in RPG topics, if they really want to. Don't see a reason why it would be necessary to have official events and I agree with Avel, too.

Isn't that already possible?