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I understand your entire opinion on this and to be honest, I mostly agree,

I remember one day I was online then I left for a couple hours and then once I come back there were suddenly the /away and /back and as a active staff member, all that went through my head was "Is this going to fill chat?" and although it did for a bit, I was surprised to see that it wasn't that much of an issue and I've found that this is true for a lot of the sites. Also, regarding the ready to roleplay thing. I believe /rpg triggers that.

Lastly, I believe the reason that 100 forum post are required is so that the spam of it is reduced. I can assume that a new user might rule break and perhaps /back or /away too many times. And through what I know of, it hasn't been a problem.

I know this was a year ago but I never knew it was not a thing, thank you <3

So, as many of you know, when you first topic in the forbidden forest, you're given a quest where you can earn a bird afterwards. What if we did the same with a Phoenix, just made it more challenging? Perhaps a week of feeding it every 6 hours? or something

Yes I love this idea! Although I think we should just include the year as in Year 16 or 17 as it is instead of the actual irl year along with week and day. If we just tweaked the code around and/or got a new one then it might work! I think that it'd be great if each house had their own which was managed by the HoH, also maybe the event team leader could have access to add events on there as well? or they could IM the HoH and/or MoM :D

Although I don't completely disagree with this, I think there are a lot of loose ends with this. A while back I suffered through some real-life issues, and I was forced to spend about a year away from WoX, I can't imagine what it would've been like to have had my account deleted in that time because I wasn't able to check the email, or to log on. So the work on that account that I poured myself into, would've all been gone. Just gone. And if something like this were to happen to someone else, I could imagine that they would be devastated to have their account lost as well.

There's a simple solution to this. Send a message to the head of the team and ask for feedback. I know when I didn't get AT I asked for feedback and they gave it. It'd be a long waste of time to give it out to everyone, so just ask <3

Not to be a buzzkill or such but this wouldn't really work out. I know for a fact that I have some friends that often spam my notifications by liking my wallpost or such. To get a notification for that would be tedious. Especially seeing as I'm on WoX sites during class.

Commenting to boop his as well! Also I know Brittany Black (Eyes)

On the contrary I know when the times are but even when daylight savings time comes or something along those lines I can often forget. I'd love to get a notif! Or to negate that we could have a setting to turn notifs on or off?