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I have a nice little idea for the calender.

I often noticed that users were missing the overview what happens the following month or year.

As a result, I’ve got an idea.

Image 131

How about a calendar symbol you can click on, which results in a bigger calendar to appear with more specific and detailed information


An Example: (HTML Code Link: https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=FQ1TDW49POPN)Image 132

This idea can be extended or developed. Events in the near future could be painted in a specific colour ( for example, the valentines day event)

Image 133


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Maybe it could even be one calendar per house, so HoHs and internal teams can also add their infos and events there.

I totally agree to that! There could just be added the year at the left top corner, where the week/month is stated. It would be nice to know the year and it may help to do the arithmancy homework accurately, where you need to know birthyears and so on.

i made a suggestion about this aswell, great to know i am not the only one who is bothered by this

Not a very helpful comment but SAME THO. I hate not being able to give my own characters a date of birth including the year. I hate how I don’t know if we’re one, two or three generations past the second wizarding war. Can my characters grandfather have been in it, or is that too close? NO ONE KNOWS BECAUSE WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YEAR IT IS. 

There is no year because the year is Year #. It cannot be a real year, otherwise the year would go spirling into the future and would no longer be modern day. 

The years pass quicker ingame than they do irl, so even setting it back a few years will still not work because soon the ingame year will pass the IRL year.

If you want to know the ingame year, it is simply Year #. It's not the type of year system you may be used to, such as 2018, but it's the ingame year.

This, exactly. While it may be nice to say that you are in 2018 for example in topics, it's not required in order to write. WoP would eventually get to 2080, way sooner than us, and we just can't write that accurately because we'll be way behind on that year IRL. 

The point is that you play that year it says! It says year 7, then you r in year 7 after our timeline. If you said 2018 it would go around 6 years up before we hit 2019 irl. It would be difficult to play.

If we would go back in time, you would know ppl from the past in HP and that would make it difficult to teach in something that had not happened ig yet.

Great idea! I think it could be difficult with the year, because those years go really fast in comparison to the irl year. Just the months/weeks would be no problem and indeed easy, although it's hard to know when the storyteam (idk how to call this team, but the lila ones) plans an event. 

Yes I love this idea! Although I think we should just include the year as in Year 16 or 17 as it is instead of the actual irl year along with week and day. If we just tweaked the code around and/or got a new one then it might work! I think that it'd be great if each house had their own which was managed by the HoH, also maybe the event team leader could have access to add events on there as well? or they could IM the HoH and/or MoM :D