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I agree it might be nice to have some reward for leveling up, not for all levels, but maybe for "milestones" levels, such as 50, 100, 200, etc. Even if it's just a random object like when you complete wizarding cards collection :D

I love this idea! 

I think one of the "cons" could be the possibility of people not buying items from stores; however, this could be solved by implementing a limit of items you can withdraw from the Donation Center (for example, 3 items per week or so). 

And maybe there could be new achievements related to the new mechanic! (For example, donate 10 items, 25 items, etc). 


I posted this by accident. I'm so sorry :( Feel free to delete this, please!!! 

This is awesome. Could this be implemented for the "Gifts" and "Topics you are suscribed to" as well? When you have spent many years at the website, you collect a lot of gifts... 

Hey! I see it says Fixed, but in WoPES, creating a new club is still not working :(

Update: seems like the birthday thing was fixed, which was the most important :D Thank you so much for your work! 

It also happened to me. I thought my phone had a problem, but now I see i'm not the only one :o

Update: They are active now! Guess it was just a matter of time. Thank you all for answering.