Something is wrong with time in WoP - and birthdays.

Didi 1 year ago updated 10 months ago 1

I do not know if this was already reported by the staff, but I feel I have to write it in here, since it's been weeks. 

Since february, we've had the following issues with the "internal clock" of WoP:

-The day changes 7 hours after midnight. This means Gringotts's interests come later, and so does the beginning of a new week. 

-For some reason, if you open a new topic at Monday 1:00 AM (1 hour after midnight, when the week supposedly changes), your topic is going to display the right week (the new week). But if you go to the "main page", it is going to display the old week number. This can confuse the new users. As well as the interests, the main page displays the week change after 7 hours. 

-Curiously, the time of meals at the Great Hall stayed the same. Good. 

-VIP gifts arrived at the middle of the month, not at the start/end of one.

But the one that worries me the most, it's the fact that users aren't aging. The birthday day comes, and you don't age. 

We have to wait until our MoM or HM changes it manually. 

I guess it would help if other staff members had the power to fix ages, so it will be done quickly, but god, it is chaos to not have aging users. And it can be messy to keep track of birthdays, specially if your character is not a student anymore. And let's don't talk about the people who are out of WoP for a season, and they come back to a character with the wrong age (which means everything they roleplayed before is chronologically wrong, and they wouldn't know). 

I am worried about all of this. I guess is not that bad if it is just for a few weeks, maybe a few months, but it would be nice to see intentions of fixing it :(  WoP is amazing, it should not be getting ruined by these problems. 

Update: seems like the birthday thing was fixed, which was the most important :D Thank you so much for your work!