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Weird :p I actually hadn't quite noticed it yet...

Could this be because of the change from summertime to wintertime?

Translation of the text above:

Let us bring our ideas together and share them, to make the site even more fun. Maybe we can organize a quiz night in the Quidditch chat, with Harry Potter related questions, when answering a question correctly you get a point or something like that.

I like the idea but maybe it is best to try to organize this on the site itself, write an owl to the headmistress or Head of house and see if something fun can be organized.

(Translation in Dutch: Ik denk dat dit een goed idee is, maar dat dit het beste georganiseerd kan worden op de site zelf. Stuur een uil naar the directeur of huishoofd (Ken de termen niet gezien ik alles in engels gelezen heb) en kijk met hun wat er te regelen valt)

On the EU site the new books are now showed on the homepage/on your wall.