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I think you'll find that it's that way because they sent it more than once to each other ;) The relations aren't bugged in that way.

Anything with identifiers (names of people) I wouldn't approve and I think would actually stop people from following topics because they like their privacy more than you think. An anonymous counter seems alright, though.

Writing for your house board is a voluntary task you ask your HoH if you can do so you can bring something to the house. You get recognition for it in house through getting paid, being praised by your HoH, and also by getting named and recognised in the Club or in any summary posts your HoH may do. As well as your name going under the post if you are able to submit them yourselves (I know some HoHs like to post themselves). 

If you don't feel like you're being recognised for your work in-house then maybe that's who you should be speaking to?

I would use this so much xD

That's exactly what your backstory page is for, guys ;)

XD I'll add it to the list ;)

As far as I was aware automatic renewal is not currently working... at least on EU. Unsure if this is intentional though, but if so then this isn't required :D But if it's going to be fixed - or is still auto-renewing on other sites - then yes, I think this is a good idea.

I agree with Kayte - available homework to grade shouldn't be limited any further. And tbh, if you want to talk about realism, it wouldn't be appropriate to submit homework to your professor that would fit a high X marking.

I would encourage those who want to try their hand in something higher rated for character development to do the 1X homework, and then send the other in an owl to the professor (because typically those who want to expand more, aren't just doing the higher X for the points ;) ). That's happened on our site a few times :)

This would be incredibly difficult to log with regards to tracking hours in training etc. But perhaps a token payment for those who actually play the game could be a good idea - because then it would just be whoever has their character uploaded into the system.