Homework needs X's

Jelina Emilia Hansen 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 12

When everyone can grade a piece of homework, I think it would be greate if we used the X-XXXXX to mark how this subject will go. This can also make it okay to swear or be a little more realistic to the caracters feelings... I think it would be great and that way it would make some things okay, that isn't now.

If a piece of homework is rated XXXXX, that may not be suitable for some users, but students can't skip homework, so what would they do? It would be unfair to make them wait an hour, only to have the chance of getting the same piece again.

In settings you say how many X's you accept, so if you only accept XXX, you will only get homework from those who made X-XXX. It's better that they don't see an offending homework that other will love, instead of them seeing it and have to wait an hour, because they think it's offending.

Wouldn't that also make it unfair to those who are sensitive to higher rated topics? Now they can grade much fewer homeworks than someone who accepts all ratings.

Then ur back at the debat with the years too, that a first year only gets the other first years... I don't think there's so little homework that it can't be fair an tbh it is better not getting the homework than being offended because you can't set ur limit...

Why not keep homework as it is, where they should be appropriate for all users, and if they wish to write it in a way that would deserve a higher rating, they could add it somewhere else. They could add that version to their backstory with a disclaimer if they really wanted to.

Because a lot of ppl wants to play on the love for a teacher, but some gets offended of the banal stuff as that, so it's a way to give ppl a chance....

The teachers aren't allowed to grade, so they don't even get to see the assignments written. If they wrote it elsewhere, then the teacher could see what the student wrote.

1. It's not a need that the teacher sees it, but the point is that ppl play on it in the homework and not everyone likes to see it...

2. On some of the sites teachers is allowed to grade. ;)

I still hold my original stance on the matter. I don't think this is necessary and I think homework should be available to all users.

It's fair you have that point of view, I will hold my right to have another.


I agree with Kayte - available homework to grade shouldn't be limited any further. And tbh, if you want to talk about realism, it wouldn't be appropriate to submit homework to your professor that would fit a high X marking.

I would encourage those who want to try their hand in something higher rated for character development to do the 1X homework, and then send the other in an owl to the professor (because typically those who want to expand more, aren't just doing the higher X for the points ;) ). That's happened on our site a few times :)


Well I think the appropriate part depends on country and teacher, in one of the schools I went they made a lot homework that would require 4 X's in HP system, but it's fair to have ur oppinion. I know it's not for points it's for RPG, but my thought is not about those who want's to send them, but those who can recieve them...