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Liebe Caro,

Du MUSST gar nichts. Weder eine Stunde warten noch mind. einmal pro Tag online kommen. Natürlich ist es ärgerlich, wenn man auf ein RPG antworten möchte und dann feststellt, dass man ohnmächtig ist, aber im wahren Leben kommst du auch nicht ohne Essen und Trinken aus. Du kannst deinen Charakter auch mit Wasser und Obst auf volle Energie bringen. (Das günstigste von allem)

Was das für eine "Falle" sein soll versteh ich zwar nicht ganz, denn man muss kein Geld investieren und wenn man es möchte dann wird man wirklich mehrfach gefragt ob man das geld wirklich bezahlen möchte. Es ist also alles wirklich offen dargelegt und nichts Kleingedrucktes.

In der Zeit in der du ohnmächtig bist kannst du trotzdem noch einige Sachen machen, wie zum Beispiel Eulen schreiben oder wenn du nen Job hast im Administrationsbereich arbeiten. Demnach keine verschwendete Zeit. 

Wenn dir das System nicht gefällt, hättest du auch einfach einen Vorschlag machen können, dass das System abgeschafft werden soll bzw was man ggf. ändern kann, aber dein Beitrag ist enthält keine konstruktive Kritik. 

Zumal man auch immer die Seite der Entwickler sehen sollte, die ihre Zeit und ihr Geld da rein stecken, damit es so eine Seite gibt und dass wir immer noch im Aufbau sind. Damit sowas läuft und auch allen Wünschen (Spieler und Entwickler) entspricht braucht es eben auch Kritik, Zeit und nun mal auch finanzielle Mittel die durch Prestigefunktionen, wie Werbefreiheit, VIP oder eben Zeitersparnis - im Sinne vom Altern und Energieladen - eingeholt werden können. 

Du als Nutzer musst es jedoch nicht ausführen ;-)

Ach und was die anderen Plattformen angeht: die haben dann wo anders Abstriche gemacht. Ob in der Funktion, der Werbung oder auch der Mitwirkung der Nutzer. Vllt auch in der Datensicherung und Datenschutz ;-) So eine Seite entsteht nun mal auch nicht von alleine. 

Ob du bleibst oder gehst ist deine Entscheidung, viel Spaß dennoch weiterhin. *winkt zum Abschied*


I see your point but it is not a teacher's task to do so.

The perfects do an awesome job and I guess they are able to handle it by themselves.

The main task for teachers is to plan their lessons and teach the students, help students with problems and prepare the test of each year.

If you give them the power of moderation you "force" them to do perfects tasks as well. The head of perfects would lose the necessity and teachers would have to do a lot of extra work. Too much in my opinion. 

They should concentrate on their lessons and their ATs not look after students following the RPG-guidelines.

For events the event teams are helping the perfects that everyone acts fair and  follows the rules.

Teachers entering all houses ... well if they like to okay, but I do not see the necessity since the chat is ooc and new students have a lot of people to ask if there are any questions. 

Hey Harry,

A trading system for chocolate frog cards is already planned as you can see in previous topics:

Hey Harry,

Ein Tauschsystem für die Schokofroschkarten ist bereits in Planung. Der obenstehende Link führt zu dem bereits vorhandenen Thema.

Well I do not agree in the point of taking away housepoints. 

As I am not only an AT but head editor and journalist of Hufflepuffs' newspaper, quidditch coach and welcoming commitee I have no time writing own assignments.And if ATs of some subjects get 50 or more complaints or assignments a week, they would have time to do so neither.

And I think it is not fair taking away points for making a mistake - nobody is perfect and we are all human beings - especially not those which one earned for good assignments.

And everyone should remind himself that ATs do not give  "wrong" grades on purpose!

I see your point and maybe it should be something inbetween.

Not punishing the AT but sending in a complaint sounds good and fair to me. And the option for teachers to change the grade. even tough an AT corrected it.

I really love dogs, but I don't think that it is really possible for students having a dog in Hogwarts.

1. You have to spent a lot of time with your dog in RL. I don't think that students in Hogwarts have enough time to go for a walk with them 3-5 times a day. And playing with dem every now and then.

2. A dog in RL needs a lot of space. The dormitories are not really well-spaced. And if dogs dislikes each other it could be a huge problem.

3. Dogs are really noisy sometimes. That could disturb students while learning or even in class.

So in my opinion: if dogs are implemented in the Magic Menagerie. then not as an opportunity bringing them to Hogwarts.

"An application for mobile phones

That would be a good idea to make this project well known."

I guess this is the translation.

But I agree, the main language is English!

I, as an AT, can absolutly understand your anger about that decision and I am sorry that you feel treated wrong.

But punishing an AT for grading you - from your point of view - "wrong" isn't a good solution.

The teachers usually let their ATs know what they want to see in an assignment and the ATs just look if that is given.

If there is a case in which ATs aren't sure about the garde, they talk to their teachers.

This is what I do and every AT I know does.

You have the opportunity to talk to your teacher - and of course the ATs - anytime. Write your professor an owl, send him your assignment and the feedback given by the AT and he will have a look. I am not sure if he can change the grade but he can talk to the AT so that it won't happen again (if the grade really doesn't fit your assignment).

The problem I see in punishing an AT is that ATs don't get points or galleons for grading your homework.

And the 20 galleons they recieve each week are underpaid for some subjects. (I know that some subjects have more than 50 assignments a week).

While a "normal" student earn money and points for their house, ATs have a constant amount of money and it is more for your sake than for theirs.

So how should the punishment look like for you?

I hope everyone understands what I am trying to say ...

Well I don't think, that just rising the minimum amount of characters would solve this problem.

On WoP GER we created a guideline on how to write a proper feedback and that it has to refer to the assignment.

If it doesn't everyone who got those feedback should raise a complaint. ATs and teacher then look over those feedbacks and if it doesn't hit the guideline they will punish them (losing points and galleons).

Since we implemented this system the feedbacks improved a lot!

If I remember that correctly the students already recieve a punishment. They lose those housepoint and galleons they got for grading the homework. And they lose 5 points extra. Otherwise I cannot explain how some students can have -5 points in the houspoints list.