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First of all apologize if something is not understood. I defend myself little with English and I am helping myself from a translator.

Teachers currently in moderation only verify the topic of chat in GC, Quidditch, House ... but I think they should be able to help the prefects to moderation for what may happen in events or other situations. The prefects can delete messages, block topics etc ... I think a teacher should be able to do it too.

Also at Hogwarts teachers could enter any common room even if it was not their home. The same does not happen here. For example, I am from Ravenclaw and therefore I can not see the other 3. If I want to check that something is ok / wrong in another house (and there is no other housemate to verify it) I can not.

I think that teachers should be able to enter the 4 houses and have these powers of moderation.

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I see your point but it is not a teacher's task to do so.

The perfects do an awesome job and I guess they are able to handle it by themselves.

The main task for teachers is to plan their lessons and teach the students, help students with problems and prepare the test of each year.

If you give them the power of moderation you "force" them to do perfects tasks as well. The head of perfects would lose the necessity and teachers would have to do a lot of extra work. Too much in my opinion. 

They should concentrate on their lessons and their ATs not look after students following the RPG-guidelines.

For events the event teams are helping the perfects that everyone acts fair and  follows the rules.

Teachers entering all houses ... well if they like to okay, but I do not see the necessity since the chat is ooc and new students have a lot of people to ask if there are any questions. 


Yes it is also true