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ah, then i guess i am an exeption, sorry.  :)

I had no idea its christmas already but I knew what time to be where. 

But no matter, Iets have a clock at least :) I will try to keep up with the date ;) 

could there be also a date? like 16 november, 3 march etc?

Ha! So it seems on the us site we actually have a great news article about this, which I missed as I was not on the site when it was published and I do not read old news. :(

 Anyway, your article and the one on us are both perfect and now I am satisfied in my knowledge that any wrong gradings are not done by any fault of not enough great guidlines.

Thank you!

Will do. Thank you! :)

edit: I sent it to headmaster and Minister. I will let you know if something will come of it.

Thank you again!

Can i ask on what world of potter you are? Because on .com I have the same problem and it is hard to just come up with a solution. I was hoping there could be a chat somewhere where people toss around ideas to come up with a solution which is acceptable and heplful for all. It looks like a lot of people are dissadisfied and frustrated with homework gradings but it is hard to find a way to change it.

Do you think you could send it to as well? 

I like it.

You probably should name it something Hogwarts or RPG related.

Like Victim of a prank, In the bathroom, Washing off potion accident, In the hallways, Canary thanks to F&G, .... anything really.

=0 and I haven't heard this one before either =0

there should be place where you asked all these worries and someone experienced will answer

or is there actually such a thing and I again skipped the notice?

ah did not know that

they do not write this anywhere in rules

thank you!

thank you for your inputs :D

 As a newbie at the bottom of housepoints trying to change it I appreciate them. they are helping me to understand and find other ways