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We only train once a week :D

It would be nice to make some kind of purpose for the clothes we can buy. it could be a tab ind the chest, where you can make a sort of "this is everyday clothes, this is for party" etc, where you can mix and match the outfits you can buy in the store - especially after they added all the socks.

bumping this up again

I can def see what you mean, but maybe I have a different take on the competition and statusses, because we've had status winners that won theirs because they wrote "happy birthday", which doesn't give the "we will ensure realism" part - Not that this person isn't realistic in their game, they are! 
And most of, if not all, out status comp. is where we can choose freely, there isn't special statusses, you pick and choose as you like, so animagus isn't "offered" in that way, on that site :D But it sounds great that it is that way! So only the ones who want that specific status joins the competition, and not the whole site, because you can get whatever one you want...if you win

I appreciate all of your thoughts on my idea, but I do not appreciate the notion that I (or other people who hasn't won) shouldn't be a hardworking person when it comes to the competitions. But I really can see where you come from with your thought upon this idea and your critisism of it.

On the site I am on, we have at least 1 year between the status contests(but that is only this year. we had one i 2018, 2020 and 2021) :D It is not only a matter of "wanting to win" it is to make it accessible in a new way. People who already have the status would of course keep it - because realism with this kind of thing is hard, then we should change a lot of things, if it should fit the books percentage of X number of items.