Duelling System

VeritaMeracugenus 7 years ago updated by Foxglove 1 month ago 9

Make it possible to actually duel each other


I think a card game of some kind would be cool for dueling

Yes! Like a card game to match up with the cards you can get from spinning a wheel!


Yes that would be cool, means we wouldn't need to find the dice anymore


You could try out a Character Sheet and Combat writing. There are a few successful models of this. The best I have seen is from the Dark Jedi Brootherhood which is a similar operation for star wars fans.


Couldn't we just make some adjustments to the QD match system with dice rolls as in Dungeons and Dragons with a d20, but in realtime? The highest roller hits and you can even say that every duelist starts off with 20HP. If somebody rolls 20 the opponent will lose due to critical hit. A coin toss decides who goes first and if the first one to go rolls below 10 then the next turn his opponent will start first. If both duelists roll under 10 nothing changes except the HP of course. First one to 0HP loses.

And it could be cue-based so people have to wait their turn or they can be individual-based duels.


A duelling system that matches that of the old "Potterskolen" could be cool in some way or another. 
I remember notifications about people wanting to duel someone was annoying for some, but perhaps that was because it came in the owlery and not in a "notification" tab? It should of course be possible to set one to "cannot get/accept duelling invitations" if one does not want to duel at all or just in a time frame.

it could come with levels, for wich you gain XP when you win, and some achievement badges for it too.


I would still love to be able to duel on WoP!


bumping this up again