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Perhaps this could be a great replacement for the frog Emoji 

Would appreciate  if more people would read this ideas <3 

You can report bugs onto, This would be an actual feature implemented into the WoP,WoX websites, instead of having to come to every time you wanna report a bug (and making a new account just for this website) which can easily get lost when other posts get made. A report feature which is implemented and could look like something above (image in OP) means the users can easily comment on the bug and then send it to developers so it definitively  gets seen by the developers.  It will be more efficient I feel like it would be used more often then  As it could just be accessed from the website.  It would also mean it's not called which means for WoX sites people would be more likely to submit bugs, as could confuse some people thinking it's only for World of potter. but thats beside the point, I believe it to be a much more effeicent way for users to report bugs and would be used a whole lot more to report bugs. The forums/feedback.worldofpotter could still be used, however having this feature would be better. 

This would actually be very useful, you have my vote!

(This has been completed now)

Support this idea! :D Will be great!

This has already been completed, World of Potter FR (France)

This Idea has now been completed!

They would get done for copyright if they made a Harry Potter video game(MMORPG or whatever genre); They don't own the rights to create or publish a Harry Potter Video game.