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I have the same issue. Do you by any chance have a pet in the Kennel? Maybe that takes money out of your pocket rather than from Gringotts.

She knows! (Or, at least she used to know, she could have forgotten). But the last time she couldn't do anything. Had to contact feedback.

Pushing this up because we're a year later and I still have the ghost owl.

That would solve this as well:

Though I think that only the teachers should be allowed to see them, not the AT's too. When copying is involved, the teachers has to be informed anyways, so. Plus AT's are still making homework themselves, while teachers are not.

Not really, but that would be a nice solution as well, since we can also see how many are making them. And even reading them! :)

Plus you can change your house if you want to, with some real money that is

I have the same thing once in a while for no appearant reason

And housepoints reset every year, while you level doesn't. And talking in chat gives you points too, so start talking :)

Might be funny. Little sidenote, Peeves is NOT a ghost but a Poltergeist ;)