Your comments

If you would like to give feedback or advice I suggest contacting the leader of the library team or one of it's members.

I disagree Ms.Rose, take a screen shot of the owlery conversation and contact an administrator and show them the proof. I would say in this instant for a faster result consult a staff member.

Yes I see what your saying a test run too see how it goes.

Ah, ok I see what ur saying. Sounds like a good idea when you put it like that.

Edit all of your club? Wouldn't that take away your responsibility as HoH or will you let them run things by you before its changed?

That may be true but you can use the staff and management teams on your site.

The reason they have that is because some users may rant at others about the feedback if you post comments. We have AT to deal with stuff like that. Any hw questions should go to them or the teachers.

Yes, thats why I said completed.

Yes I agree a private topic in an owlery would be good. or in the new clubs that students can create.