Your comments

Yes i said to mention, cause everytime i open the feedback on another sites it appears the WoP's one, so i wanted to be sure :3

Hmmm i thought this one is aboud all site's feedbacks :o

Yes i thought that. I did a research and a couple of them are mostly on medieval times, not in the GoT fandom. Perhaps those that are second for a realm's throne can have it. Not only the Martells but from other houses around.

That sounds better idea. Yes, can't everyone have a Phoenix, because they're rare. Maybe a competition will be great.

That's really good idea. Yes, they are rare creatures and can't everyone just have one. They can maybe give them in special conditions too !

That's a lovely idea !
I can't wait for it :D

I'll update it. Your idea is very good. I hope we'll be able to change it just one time !

I can feel you. In Greece we have lot of people who want something like WoP. But it's sad for not joing, even in EU server because they are bored or don't know to speak only in English. I hope your idea to be realized !

Good luck ;)